Cosmic Lovers


 A Journey to the Heart
of a Soul Mate Relationship

by Elly van Veen & Roderic Knowles

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Cosmic Lovers
by Elly van Veen & Roderic Knowles
2009, Softcover
6" x 9" - 288 pages
ISBN 978-0-9561042-2-9
Out of print; a revised edition called Soul Mate Lovers is coming soon!

Readers' Responses

“I was entranced, entertained and educated on every page. What an honour to be ‘a fly on the wall’ witnessing this utterly unique dance of intimacy, freedom, creativity, honesty, pain, joy and much more besides, spiral into a sensuous blending of the ordinary with the extraordinary, the mundane with the mystical, the irreverent with the sacred! … This is a ‘must read’ for anyone aspiring to a higher, more meaningful relationship. A bound-to-be modern classic.”

– Ann Clare McCarthy, Ireland.

“The best love story I have ever read.
Sensual, profound and magical.”

– Harper Stone, Colorado, USA

“I thought the sexy bits were brilliant!”
– Caroline O’Leary, Ireland.

“Love permeates throughout this story. It celebrates its very existence. The reader will be absorbed by the sensuality and openness of these lovers and possibly quite turned on! And yet ... it goes beyond our base human desire and takes the reader into the spiritual realm of sexual bliss.”

– Paula McLinchey, Ireland.

“Cosmic Lovers is like mannah from Heaven, an elixir from the Gods; every time I dipped into it I felt bathed with Love and Light!”

– Rhonda Roycraft, Ireland.

“I read your book on my way home from the workshop DanSing and I couldn't stop reading. Great! I love the spiritual-sexual-heartful mix and your own interwoven deeply personal journeys. Thank you!!!”

– Susannah Darling Kahn, UK. Author of 'Movement Medicine'

“I read Cosmic Lovers and I've very enthusiastic about the way the book is written. It takes you through the Labyrinth of Life with all its emotions, feelings and movements. The book confronts you with yourself. It expands and gives insights on where you are at. I advise everybody to read this book and to use it as a guide in their life.”

– Toine Revier, Holland. Author of 'Op weg naar Verbinding'

“I was reading Cosmic Lovers ‘out loud’ to my partner this weekend – not all of it in one go, mind. We both found it so reflective, honest, erotic, meditative, inspirational, colourful and so many more things…”

– Sheila Crowley, London.

“For us, Elly and Roderic have become a symbol of the spirituality of Ireland.”

– Aourana Peretrutova, Moscow, Russia.

Cosmic Lovers is an absolute winner … by two special beings, Elly and Roderic, kindred souls who will do much to effect beautiful change in the world.”

– Signe Quinn Taff, Arizona, USA.

“Never before have I read such a personal story covering so many themes, written with such intensity and penetrating style … Wow, what an inspiration this book is. I’m short for words to describe how I value it.”

– Willem Leussink, Holland.

This book is music for the heart and soul … What a journey of discovery. Pure bliss … Simply divine to read – and to live by.”

– Klara Droog, Ireland.

“You get a lot of wisdom
in a very entertaining way.”

– Sheila Kern, Paris, France.

“A vivid and deeply touching portrayal of love and sex in a spiritual context. It is highly entertaining and can change your life.”

– Dr. Tadeusz de Gromoboy, Brazil & London.

“It ought to be required reading for any young man embarking on a heterosexual Odyssey even of the most basic kind.”

– Jeananne Crowley, Ireland.

“Cosmic Lovers provides clear signposts to a happy and fulfilling relationship.”

– Bernard Bossonet, Ireland.

“A uniquely inspiring and refreshing book which provides privileged insights into the workings of an extraordinary love and companionship. I enjoyed every word of it and I never wanted it to end.”

– Charlotte Cargin, Ireland.

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Cosmic Lovers proposes and demonstrates a format for couples which balances the paradoxical needs of both freedom and commitment: a Celtic Marriage ‘for a year and a day’, renewable annually. It has many advantages and can be just as sacred.

After learning about a Celtic Marriage, some readers tried it out for themselves. Read their responses

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