Cosmic Lovers

 A Journey to the Heart
of a Soul Mate Relationship

by Elly van Veen & Roderic Knowles

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Cosmic Lovers
by Elly van Veen & Roderic Knowles
2nd Edition
2009, Softcover
6" x 9" - 288 pages
ISBN 978-0-9561042-2-9
Out of print; a revised edition called Soul Mate Lovers is coming soon!

Ten Golden Precepts
For a Spiritual Partnership

The Ten Golden Precepts are a summary of insights acquired by Elly on her Journey to the Heart of a Soul Mate relationship.

"Luxuriating in an ex-Kings Castle on the West Coast of Ireland, she ponders how 'Cosmic Perspectives' make a love-relationship so different."

The Ten Golden Precepts are inspirational guidelines for a Spiritual Partnership.

A Spiritual Partnership is a relationship which based on love, includes clear intentions of mutual support on each individual's soul-path of awakening, healing and creative unfolding.

The poster is a visual reminder of key insights which may inspire you in lifting your relationship to a whole new level!

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