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by Roderic Knowles
Publication Date: Spring 2010

I want to know God’s thoughts,” Einstein declared, “The rest are details.” In pursuit of such a knowing, in Pre-Creation, the philosopher Roderic Knowles takes us behind the cosmic scene where, in the realm of the Unmanifested Mystery of Primordial Void, the motives as well as the unique challenges in creating anything become crystal clear. What emerges from these insights is a whole new understanding of the whys, hows and processes of Creation, the true origins and nature of man, and his ultimate destiny.

It was through an act of creative imagination, travelling around the universe on a beam of light, that Einstein acquired his revolutionary insights. In another act of creative imagination, the philosopher Roderic Knowles takes us even further, going beyond space/time and the universe in its entirety, behind the cosmic scene, into the realm of pre-creation.

Pre-Creation shows us not only the whys of Creation but the hows – how, in a series of stepping-down processes, it actually came into being, emerging from the singular realm of “Void” into manifestations of densest materiality and infinite diversity.

Evolution, we come to realize, is but half the picture. Before this (and accompanying it) there is involution, the process of ‘descent’ or ‘condensation’ of ‘Spirit’ – ‘Spirit’ as Life, Consciousness, and Intelligent Creative Living Substance – into ‘Matter’, without which no evolution is possible. Out of this whole picture, a New Story of Creation arises, one which makes as much sense spiritually as it does scientifically.

With this whole picture, we come to realize how man’s nature and origin is dual, being both earthly and cosmic. On the one hand, as a creature of the Earth, he has emerged through evolution from the realm of matter. On the other, as a Being of the Cosmos, a Soul, he has involved from Spirit. As a spark of the One Life which has individualized itself in a zillion fragments, it has emerged from spiritual realms through processes of involution – before incarnating into evolving Earth-matter, in a merging of the two processes.

Drawing on the cutting-edge insights of scientists along with those of mystics poets, esoterics, ancient wisdom teachings and the world’s great religions, Roderic Knowles’ account, from the perspective of the ‘Creator’, throws penetrating light on some of the profoundest mysteries of cosmic and human existence.

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Chapter Contents

Part One:

1. Void as Primary Reality
Void as the Source & Ground of All Reality ~ Void as Fullness ~ The Void as a ‘Field’ Consisting of ‘Fields within Fields’ ~ Beyond the Fields ~ The Void as Alive & Intelligent ~ The Void as the Realm of ‘the Creator’ ~ Void and ‘Creator’ as One.
2. Oneness
3. What ‘The Creator’ Reveals of Itself
4. Why Any Creation? The Creator’s Motives
5. Life as a Play of ‘The Creator’
6. The Creator’s Dilemma & How it was Resolved!
7. The Essential Pre-Conditions of Creation
A View Behind the Cosmic Scene
Showing How the Absolute Gave Birth to the Relative
The Essential Pre-Conditions of Creation ~ Division/Separation ~ Forgetfulness & Limitation ~ Illusion/Ignorance ~ Another Feature of Significance: The Cosmic Cycle ~ We Can Now Begin to See the Phenomenon of Creation in its Cyclical Wholeness with Simultaneous Movements as Follows ~ Scientific Perspectives ~ A Primitive Religious Perspective: The So-Called ‘Fall of Man’ & the Reality.

Part Two: