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by Roderic Knowles
Publication Date: Spring 2020

Chapter Contents

Part One:

1. Void as Primary Reality
Void as the Source & Ground of All Reality ~ Void as Fullness ~ The Void as a ‘Field’ Consisting of ‘Fields within Fields’ ~ Beyond the Fields ~ The Void as Alive & Intelligent ~ The Void as the Realm of ‘the Creator’ ~ Void and ‘Creator’ as One.
2. Oneness
3. What ‘The Creator’ Reveals of Itself
4. Why Any Creation? The Creator’s Motives
5. Life as a Play of ‘The Creator’
6. The Creator’s Dilemma & How it was Resolved!
7. The Essential Pre-Conditions of Creation
A View Behind the Cosmic Scene
Showing How the Absolute Gave Birth to the Relative
The Essential Pre-Conditions of Creation ~ Division/Separation ~ Forgetfulness & Limitation ~ Illusion/Ignorance ~ Another Feature of Significance: The Cosmic Cycle ~ We Can Now Begin to See the Phenomenon of Creation in its Cyclical Wholeness with Simultaneous Movements as Follows ~ Scientific Perspectives ~ A Primitive Religious Perspective: The So-Called ‘Fall of Man’ & the Reality.

Part Two:

1. Involution & The Stepping Down Process
From Half to a Whole Picture ~ Involution ~ Involution & Evolution ~ Creation as a Stepping-Down Process in the Birthing of ‘Realities’.
I. PRE-CREATION ~ Void as Primary, Non-Vibratory Reality ~ Spirit as Primary Reality ~ Void/Spirit as Pure Awareness ~ Void/Spirit Whose Nature is Love-Bliss ~ It is Out of the Void that Consciousness Emerges ~ The Stirring of the Void is the Stirring of Desire ~ The First Vibration ~ All is Vibration ~ The First Vibration in Esoteric Understandings ~ The First Vibration as Creator God in Tribal Mythology ~ That All is Vibration is the Latest Scientific Understanding ~ Creation via Involution Involves a Stepping Down of Vibrations ~ Consciousness as Fundamental, As the Source & Ground of All That Is ~ Consciousness & Light.
II. IN THE BEGINNING ~ Consciousness as Causal, Giving Rise to Thought ~ Thought as Causal: Creation as an Act of Thought ~ Thought, While Causal, Also Remains as the Structural Foundation of the Universe ~ Thought-Fields, Thoughttrons & Other Elementary Wave-Particles ~ But Not Thought Alone ~ The Decree ~ In the Beginning was the Word ~ In the Beginning was the Word-Sound ~ Sound as the Primary Organizing Force of Matter ~ The First Creation of Thought & The Creative Word-Sound-Vibration was ‘Light’ ~ Light as Structure, As ‘the Sole Reality of Creation’ ~ The Stepping Down of Light into ‘Matter’.
2. Cosmogenesis & the Intelligent Self-Organizing Abilities of Electrons, Atoms, Cells, and Galaxies
‘The Big Bang’ & Cosmogenesis ~ Inert or Living? ~ The Intelligent Self-Organizing Abilities of Atoms & Electrons ~ Intelligent Self-Organizing Abilities Within Cells ~ A Star as a Self-Organizing Energy-Field ~ Even the Milky Way is Capable of Thinking, Feeling & Creating ~ Our Earth & Sun Too! ~ Our On-Going Intelligent Self-Creating Universe.
3. Intelligent Evolution in the Light of Involution
Blind Natural Selection Versus Intelligent Processes ~ An Evolution Which Doesn’t Add Up ~ Evolution of Species in the Light of Involution.

Part Three

1. Man’s Dual Nature: Earthly & Cosmic:
A Product of Both Evolution and Involution.
2. ‘God’ as Man
The Ultimate Revelation ~ The Grandest Truth You Will Ever Know ~ If Man is an Expression of ‘God’, How Does One Experience the Truth of This? ~ ‘God’ as Man Playing with ‘God’ as Man.
3. The Play of Life from Man’s Perspective
1. An Overview.
2. The Path of Descent.
3. The Path of Return.

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