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by Roderic Knowles
Publication Date: Spring 2020

About the Author

Roderic Knowles was born in London in 1938, brought up in the wilds of the west coast of Ireland, and educated at Eton. A philosopher, visionary and esoteric teacher, he is engaged in setting up a new type of university, The Mystery School Initiative, an international network concept currently being set up in Ireland, founded on the four pillars, Soul, Spirit, Earth and Cosmos. He is also the founder of several of its Faculties including Soul Science & the Laws of Life and Co-Creative Science for which he has developed course modules and runs a mastership training program, Faculty of the Living Tree in relation to which he has written Gospel of the Living Tree, for Mystics, Poets, Lovers & Warriors and is setting up The Living Tree Educational Foundation, and Faculty of the Living Cosmos for which he has written Pre-Creation and the Primary Impulses of Evolution (Spring 2020) along with The Theory of Involution (Summer 2020) and other works being published shortly. He is also co-author with his partner, Elly van Veen, of a true love adventure set in Ireland, Cosmic Lovers, which explores relationship as a spiritual partnership (currently available).


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