Gospel of the Living Tree
Gospel of the Living Tree

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Gospel of the Living Tree
by Roderic Knowles
2009, Softcover
6" x 9" - 352 pages
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I thought you'd be really interested in this book.

It's called Gospel of the Living Tree - for Mystics, Lovers, Poets & Warriors.

A feast for passionate tree-lovers, Gospel of the Living Tree is a treasure trove of tree-related material, drawn from a wide range of sources, not to be found in any other work. It includes insights and accounts of experiences by artists, poets, mystics, musicians, philosophers, presidents, generals, scientists, economists and wisdom-teachers, with glistening gems of wisdom from diverse disciplines and ages, from Homer to Jung, Buddha to Beethoven, Goethe to Gandhi, Nietzsche to Chopra, legendary botanist George Washington Carver to Nobel quantum physicist Max Planck.

Gospel of the Living Tree is a celebration of the sacredness of trees and their role in human consciousness and culture, narrated mostly by the trees themselves. It is also a moving call to action on their behalf, containing visionary yet thoroughly realistic proposals for the setting up of a new type of university wholly devoted to Living Trees.

A creative and scholarly work, mythologically rich, lyrically playful, philosophically and spiritually profound, warrior-inspiring and, in the critical ecological context of our times, stirringly relevant.

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