Gospel of the Living Tree
Gospel of the Living Tree

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Gospel of the Living Tree
by Roderic Knowles
2009, Softcover
6" x 9" - 352 pages
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Chapter Contents


The Wisdom of Trees
A Tree is not a Tree is not a Tree …
Sacredness of Trees & Human Survival

1. Arbor Genesis

Maori Creation Myth
Thus Saith the Lord

2. Gospel of Particular Trees

Birch: Beauty, Abundance & New Beginnings
A Modest Introduction
Gifts of My Abundance
Creative Play
Beech: The Word in the World
My Long Association with Words
Reflections on My Nature & What I Teach
The ‘Man of the Trees’ Who Came for Healing
A Mystery Story: Personal Experiences of the Author
Alder: ‘Lord of Fire’ & ‘Son of Waters’
Alder Mythology
Alder & The Fire Element
Alder & Water
On Healing
Aspen: The Dancing Queen
Thus Speaks the Aspen
Ash: Cosmic World Tree
My Sacred History
Cosmic World Tree
Lime: The Linden Tree
Royal Feasting
A Lime Story
My Sacred History
Lime Consumables & Medicine Chest
Plane: On the Wisdom & Power in Simply Being
Part 1: Shady Stories
Part 2: The Wisdom & Power in Simply Being
Elm: A Kingly Stand
My Sacred History & Mythology
King Richard’s Battle of the Elm
Marcel Vogel’s Experiment with an Elm Leaf
Ginkgo: The Memory Tree
The Memory Tree
Thus Speaks the Ginkgo
Almond: The Quickener of Creative Forces
The Quickener, Fragments 1 to 6
The Teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh
Pomegranate: Lower Regions & The Female Body
My Sacred History & The Rediscovery of Lost Knowledge
The Myth of Persephone
The Holy of Holies
A Transformational Journey
Olive: Liquid Gold
My Sacred History
Liquid Gold & The Cradle of Western Civilization
Sweet Chestnut: A Re-Education
A Re-Education
Restoring Lost Arts
Oak: Heavenly Father, Earthly Mother & the Heart of Sacredness
My Role in Human Consciousness & Culture
Usefulness & Wholeness
Hazel: Wisdom, Creativity & Poetic Inspiration
The Poet’s Tree & Tree of Wisdom
The Sacred Nine
Hazel Power Will She, Won’t She Be My Lover?
Joy-Riding in a Hazel Nut
Holly Bible: Holiness & Holliness
My Holliness
The Christian & Pagan Battle of the Holly
Walnut: Nutty Perspectives!
Love & Lovers
Nut Cases!
Plant or Perish
Myrtle: Tree of the Love Goddess
My Sacred History
Myrtle Groves
Myrtle Miscellany
Laurel: Poetic Inspiration & The Honouring of Achievements

3. The Beatitudes

Blessed Be …

4. Tree Parables

The Peach Tree & A Holy Man
The Fir Tree & A Bramble
The Almond Tree
The Barren Fig Tree
A Bread-Fruit Tree
An Oak & A Reed
On Climbing Too High Too Fast
The Tree of Transmigration
The Roots of a Tree
Puzzle This Out!
A Poisoned Tree
Life’s Opposite?
A Corrupt Tree
Purple Trees
Wisdom & Works
All Creation is Like a Tree
On Growing to Perfection
Antelope in Search of the Ultimate Tree
The Banana Tree

5. Tree Proverbs


6. Book of Revelations

Bo Tree: Wisdom, Enlightenment, Spiritual Unfoldment
Thus Speaks the Bo, Fragments 1 to 8
Magnolia: Vision Quests
Carl Gustav Jung & His Dream
A Beckoning
Vision Questing
Cypress: Death, Transformation & Resurrection
In Your Human Culture
My Sacred History
A Grave Warning
Yew: Immortality
The Yew Speaks to You
On Death, Immortality & Its Sacred History
Taxus, Toxon, Toxicon & Toxic
Acacia: Sacred Mysteries
Thus Speaks the Acacia
The Gospel of “I AM”
The Divine Feminine
Earth Warrior

7. Holy Communion

Holy & Wholly
On Relating to Trees
Knowing a Tree
Sitting Under a Tree
Honourable Greetings
A Philosopher Wonders
An I-Thou Tree Experience: A Profound Revelation
Krishnamurti on Communion with Trees
A Shaman’s Reflections on Oneness with a Tree
A Buddhist Monk’s Reflections on Oneness
Tree Power & D.H. Lawrence
Tai Tree!
A Scientist’s Perspective
An Egyptian Initiation, Going for the Ultimate
Guided Imagery
Experiencing Life as a Tree (A Group Exercise)
Tree Devas, Communication & Co-Creation
Directing Love

8.Book of the Apocalypse

Apocalypse is Now
Apocalypse & Beyond
Paradise on Earth
Old World Pioneers, New Earth Pioneers
Trees at the Heart of All That is Necessary


Values and Uses of Living Trees
Trees & Climate
The Achievements of a Single Living Tree
Trees, Soil, & Agricultural Yields
Tree Crops: Fruits & Medicines
Wild Life
Trees & Cities
‘Natural’ Disasters … & You Wonder Why!
Now, We Claim Our Prize!
Trees & Human Heart & Soul
Trees & Healing

10.Heroic Acts of Tree Apostles

Joseph Beuys, Germany:
7000 Oaks in the Middle of a City
Julia Butterfly Hill in Her Struggle
to Save Giant Redwoods, California.
Wangari Maathai, Kenya:
Africa’s Forest Goddess & Nobel Laureate
Alan Watson, Scotland: Trees for Life
Heroes & Heroines, Known & Unknown

11.Green Temple Dreams

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step
Woodland School
Sacred Groves
Island of Groves
A University of the Earth
KOAD – Sacred Grove
Two Universities!

12.University of the Living Tree

For Lovers of Trees
   & A New Breed of Forester
Survival & Educational Imperatives
Educational & Project-Related Responses
University of the Living Tree: Proposed Faculties
Forest Gardening
Tree Esoterics
Multi-Purpose Forestry
& Sustainable Woodland Management
Tree Crops, Orchard Creation & Cultivation
Woodland Arts & Crafts
Tree Lore, Art, Culture & Education
Launching of The University: Path of the Seed
An Invitation to Participate

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