Gospel of the Living Tree
Gospel of the Living Tree

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Gospel of the Living Tree
2009, Softcover
6" x 9" - 352 pages

About the Author

Roderic Knowles was born in London in 1938, brought up in the wilds of the west coast of Ireland, and educated at Eton. He spent several years as an investment banker and international business consultant, travelling to over forty countries, dealing with governments at the highest levels – while based varyingly in New York, London, Geneva, Bombay, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong. In the mid-70s, after a series of soul-awakening experiences, he withdrew from business to focus on a purely spiritual path, spending time with various masters of wisdom, studying the Laws of Life while seeking to fathom the mysteries of existence. Returning to the world in the mid-80s, he attended an international conference, One Earth: A Call to Action, at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, and resolved to devote his life to serving the Earth through education. Realizing he had to begin by educating himself and yearning to reconnect intimately with Nature, he returned to Ireland and became a passionate tree-lover and woodland-dweller. In the 1990s he set up Koad, a Centre for Nature Research & Education, for which he won a national award. He is now engaged in setting up University of the Living Tree and its initiating body the Living Tree Educational Foundation.

He is the author of several books, including: Contemporary Irish Art, an illustrated coffee-table book; Love: The Mystery & Foundation, an anthology of wisdoms on love, and Pre-Creation & the Primary Impulses of Evolution (Spring 2020). He is also co-author, with his partner, Elly van Veen, of Cosmic Lovers: A Journey to the Heart of a Soul Mate Relationship, a true love adventure set in Ireland.

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